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Beef Jerky Strips 100g

Dog treats by Waggles are made with using only 1 ingredient, zero additives and are 100% natural while being completely grain-free.

Chicken & Sweet Potato Recipe 400g

100% of the ingredients in our Grain-Free Chicken & Sweet Potato Recipe are natural.

Chicken in Gravy Recipe 400g

Your puppy deserves the best – that’s why Waggles Grain-Free Puppy Recipes start with real deboned meat or chicken.

Chicken Shreds in Broth 130g

100% of the ingredients in our Chicken Shreds in Broth recipe are natural.

Pakistan’s 1st Premium Natural Pet Food Brand

Our thoughtfully crafted limited ingredient pet food recipes offer real benefits. Each ingredient serves a specific nutritional purpose, adding up to long, healthy lives.


Meals Delivered across Pakistan!

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Waggles Dog Food
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Premium Quality Ingredients

We use ingredients of the finest quality from our trusted suppliers. Our passion
for premium pet food translates into sourcing 100% natural, nutrient dense
animal proteins and fresh whole-food vegetables to create healthy meals for your pets.

Complete & Balanced Meals

We ensure that your pets get the right nutrition. 100% complete and balanced pet food recipes, fortified with vitamins and minerals to ensure healthy and happy pets.

Grain/Filler Free

Ingredients such as corn and soy are generally used as fillers and offer very little nutritional value for your pets. All our recipes are grain free making them high in nutrition value and easily digestible.


Regionally Sourced Ingredients

Ingredients used to create our pet food recipes are responsibly sourced. These whole-food ingredients are freshly sourced from local farms to support local farmers.

Superfood Enriched

Our pet food contains the right proportion of nutrients, fibre, vitamins and antioxidants with the addition of natural superfoods such as pumpkin, turmeric and kelp.

None of the “Bad Stuff”

All our pet food recipes are made without the use of artificial preservatives, colors, and/or flavors.

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